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Revolutionizing Cricket Leagues Globally: Super Galaxy Sports League

Imagine this - a cricket series where all your favorite but retired players participate! Yes, you are right; we are bringing a string with matches with legendary players and a separate section for female and upcoming players. This is Super Galaxy Sports League's Earth Care World Series for you.


It just does not end in cricket matches for the league. This league is unique because it has planned awareness campaigns and activities to promote messages on the globally impacting climate change. "This is where the league becomes different from the existing models. We want to use the power of cricket's high viewership to do something good. And right now, we need to talk about and write about climate change before it's too late," said Sachin Salunkhe, the brain behind the series. He, his wife, Shweta Salunkhe, and experts including Sunil Nikhar, Karunanidhi Dalmia, Shailendra Gaikwad, and Deepak Barge worked relentlessly on the league concept and are now ready to bring it on the floors.

To break it down further, the league will have three categories: legendary, female, and under-19. The matches will be streamed to global audiences in all three sections on OTT platforms, television channels, and radio. Players in each game will promote a message on climate change, water conservation, soil conservation, etc. These players will also be asked to do activities that promote recycling, upcycling, and reusing products.

This is also a good platform for companies making eco-friendly products to advertise and reach a wider audience. The series, which is planned to launch soon, has its trials beginning in the months of October and November. "This is a big step to create a league at par IPL. We hope to bring in famous and talented players for the legendary series," says Shailendra Gaikwad.

The series is one-of-a-kind, and the best part is that it promotes female and under-19 players from the grassroots. "Why not have a league for female players? We, as a company, believe this league could be a superb platform for female cricketers and under-19 players to showcase their talent," says Shweta Salunkhe.

The league, creating curiosity and excitement amongst cricket fans, will soon be coming out with more details on players, matches, and its action on spreading awareness of climate change!